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Ishbel Incandescence
King Creek Wanderings
Castle Crescendo
Temple's Dominion
Ha Ling Luminosity
A Promise Worth Believing
Dawn Arrives at Chephren Lake
Memories of the Foothills
Study for Exploring Nigel Pass
Floe Creek Colours
Mistaya Canyon Magic
Exploring Nigel Pass
Study for King Creek Wanderings
The Presence of Temple
Castle's Warm Welcome
Rundle Resplendence
Glimmer of Hope
Bow Falls Bliss
Above and Beyond Louise
Petain Creek Morning Light
Temple Quintessence
Cascade in Yoho
Shoreline Gems
Lightcatcher Storm
Numa Creek Reds
Floe Peak Magic
Rockwall Rising
Scree Bowl Shadows
Tarn in Autumn
Aspen Saunter
Mount Gray Melancholy
Fading Fireweed
Dome Glacier Blues
Shoreline Spotlight
While the Iron is Hot
Dazzling Tarn
Petain Creek Shadows
Land of Quartzite
Higher Calling
Crystal Clear
Brazeau River Beginnings
Plain of Six Glaciers Greenery
Unyielding Assiniboine
Storm Mountain Clarity
Lifting of the Curtain
Pure Joy
Golden Hour at Peyto Peak
Realm of the Bow Glacier
The Rundle We Know and Love
Regal Storm Mountain
A New Day at Castle Mountain
Awestruck by Assiniboine
Seracs on the Crowfoot Glacier
Headwall Lakes Cloud Play
Chephren Lake Calm
Always First to Rise
Moon Over Rundle
Storm Mountain Flare
Winter at Bow Lake
Ishbel in June
Peyto Glacier Glamour
Shadow of Haddo
Liquid Gold Castle
Marbled Light in Kananaskis 36x80 (diptych) $5185_edited
Castle Pastels
Tumbling Creek Logjam
Smutwood Summit Views
Evening at Mistaya Lake
Exploring Panorama Valley
Mists by the Moraine
Tumbling Peak Radiance
Lake Louise Deep Freeze
Showers Over Hewitt Peak
Panorama Meadows Magic
Last Light on the Larches
Verdant Slopes
Flurries at Cirque Lake
Saint Nick and Gordon
Yoho Peak Ascent
Break in the Storm
Lighter Than Air
McArthur Icefall
Haiduk Lake Shoreline
Sunny Day at the Paint Pots
An Ancient Burden
Keeper of Kananaskis
Upper Elk Lake Illumination
Yoho Valley Beckons
Assiniboine Brooding
Incandescent Storm
Fresh Snow at Lake Louise
Brink of Gold
Riparian Rundle
Assiniboine After Rain
Fortress in the Fog
Bow River Backwaters
Distant Mummery Glacier
Howser Towers Darkness
Three Sisters Spring Rush
Luminous Temple
Bow Valley Harmony
Fresh Snow on Bident and Quadra
Snowbound Light
Gold in Them Hills
End of the Rockwall
Among Giants
Tumbling Peak Transience
Assiniboine Destiny
Now Just a Memory
The Colours of Cone Mountain
Sundown Over K-Country
Glimpse of Turbulent Valley
Rest by the Rapids
Foothills Glory
Meltwater Jewels
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