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Hi, I'm Darren Umbsaar!

Here's a little bit about me and my artistic journey...

I am a self-taught painter, born ( b. 1995) and raised in Calgary, AB. I began making a practice of painting back in  2012, and even then my work ethic was far from diligent (maybe a handful of paintings per year). I steadily painted on the side throughout my time at university. In June 2018 I graduated with a BSc. in Geology, followed by a MSc. in Geology from U of C in June 2021, with a focus on mineralogy. Learning geology has certainly helped me to understand, appreciate, and physically paint the mountains with greater confidence!

Living close to the Canadian Rockies continually drives my passion for activities such as hiking, scrambling, skiing, painting, and landscape photography. Through both painting and photography, I strive to capture the grandeur and wonder of the Canadian Rockies; from vibrant winter sunrises, to late afternoon sun in the alpine---there are endless combinations of light and colour to explore in the ever-changing realms of the mountains. Many of my works tend to highlight the rugged, dynamic, and structural nature of the mountains by including subjects such as geologic layering, boulder-ridden slopes, charging streams, and weighty glaciers. In my work I strive to depict the mountains with a balance of their rawness and their magical allure. Aside from the classic iconic views in the mountain parks, I tend to also try and paint locations that don't see as much attention--places that are harder to access, like obscure lakes or mountain summits. I consider it a form of documentation and personal appreciation of those lesser-known spots.


In my opinion, in the end a great painting isn't about how closely it resembles a photograph, but rather about how the painting stirs a person inside. That being said, I like to achieve a strong resemblance to the real world in my paintings, as I believe people connect strongly to what they have seen or experienced in nature through the form of light. Painting light is what draws me into my work, and I believe light has the most profound effect on the viewer. For me, art has definitely been a wordless outlet to express joy and love of nature that can't really be expressed in photography or writing or any other creative method that I've tried. When I go on a hike up a mountain, or discover a new lake, I feel an urge not just to photograph it, but to somehow render it in my own manner, to capture it and convey it with paint.


Of course, like many artists, I also strongly admire old masters, namely John Singer Sargent;  the apparent effortlessness of his bold brushwork combined with immaculate tones and colours is just phenomenal. Two other artists that I strongly admire and who, in fact, have generously given me personal feedback and encouragement are Charlie Easton and the late Hubert Nanzer--both exceptional mountain artists whose works have inspired me greatly.

I have also gained much valuable conceptual insight into painting techniques from several online sources, especially YouTube. One of my favourite YouTube channels is "Draw Mix Paint" by Mark Carder. Mark is a master at his craft in both being a painter and a teacher. He conveys not just the methods but also the attitudes and perspectives that you need to adopt in order to paint realism effectively. His emphasis is on value and "colour-checking" especially, as well as maintaining a level of abstraction (even in realism!) so that once you step back and view the painting from several meters away, the whole thing comes together. And that's something that I am striving to incorporate into my own work more recently--the painting doesn't need to be hyper realistic when viewed up close, but rather it's about how it "appears" when you step back and let that added distance fill in the gaps of the imagination. Also, I am indebted to Andrew Tischler, an amazing New Zealand-based realist oil painter, who's landscape paintings have been a huge source of inspiration. Not only are his paintings inspiring, but his YouTube tutorials have been the primary source for me in learning how to paint with oils. 


Painting is one of those activities that will be endlessly fulfilling, because the more you paint the more you realize you have more the learn and more to improve on. Painting has been an evolving skill. I keep asking myself, "What is my style?" which is a challenge to answer, as I find joy in cycling from periods of realism to somewhat more impressionistic methods. Currently my work can be described as an attempt to create a realistic impression of the landscape; my goal is for each piece to be tonally accurate, yet still retain a quality of liveliness and expressiveness through loose brushwork and instances of bold colour when examined up close. I love the challenge of capturing tangible lighting and 3-dimensionality in my paintings. It is my hope that each painting will leave the viewer dreaming of exploring hidden corners of the mountains, and to admire the beauty in all things from the lowly valleys to the lofty peaks.

All I can say is I'm going to be a painter no matter what for the rest of my life, and I will always be trying to improve and to express myself.

Thanks for reading! 

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2016 - October - Calyx Distinctive Arts (show/sale)

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2017 - October - Calyx Distinctive Arts 

2018 - April - Calyx Distinctive Arts 

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2019 - April - Calyx Distinctive Arts

2019 - June - cSpace Summer Exhibition

2019 - June - Renfrew Baptist Church Flea Market 

2019 - October Calyx Distinctive Arts

2020 - October Beacon Original Art

2020 - October 31- Nov 1 Acclaimed Fine Art

2021 - March 13 -14 Acclaimed Fine Art

2021 - September 18 -19 Acclaimed Fine Art

2021 - October 22 - 23 State of Art Society 

2021 - November 17 - 21 Art Market (Telus Convention Center)

2022 - April 2 - 3  Acclaimed Fine Art

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