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Artist's Bio

Darren Umbsaar was born in Calgary, AB in 1995. Being raised in a city so close to the  mountains allowed Darren to pursue hiking and photography from a young age, and over the years he has developed an ever-growing fascination with the wild beauty of the Canadian Rockies. Darren obtained both BSc. and MSc. degrees in Geology from the University of Calgary (U of C), and during his studies he found time to develop his painting skills as a self-taught artist, inspired by his mountain adventures and spurred onwards by his knowledge of earth science. Darren has been painting full time since 2021, at which time he joined his first gallery-- Avens Gallery in Canmore.

Many of Darren's works tend to highlight the rugged, dynamic, and awe-inspiring nature of the mountains; he strives to depict the mountains with a lively balance of their realistic rawness and their magical, idyllic allure. Darren is equally likely to paint a grand, sweeping vista of summits in the morning sun, or a lowly pile of boulders in a streambed; the possibilities are endless for a landscape painter in the vastness of the Canadian Rockies.


Inspired by both contemporary impressionists and old masters, Darren's primary objective is to produce eye-catching compositions and a strong sense of lighting and atmosphere by the build up of layers of acrylic paint. Currently, Darren's work is represented at Avens Gallery in Canmore, AB, and Art on 9th in Invermere, BC. He attends a number of shows throughout the year in Calgary, so be sure to follow him on social media so you don't miss his next showings!


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Past Shows and Exhibitions

2016 - October - Calyx Distinctive Arts

2017 - April - Calyx Distinctive Arts 

2017 - October - Calyx Distinctive Arts 

2018 - April - Calyx Distinctive Arts 

2018 - October - Calyx Distinctive Arts

2019 - April - Calyx Distinctive Arts

2019 - June - cSpace Summer Exhibition

2019 - June - Renfrew Baptist Church Flea Market 

2019 - October Calyx Distinctive Arts

2020 - October Beacon Original Art

2020 - October 31- Nov 1 Acclaimed Fine Art

2021 - March 13 -14 Acclaimed Fine Art

2021 - September 18 -19 Acclaimed Fine Art

2021 - Calgary Guardian Feature

2021 - October 22 - 23 State of Art Society 

2021 - November 17 - 21 Art Market (Telus Convention Center)

2022 - April 2 - 3  Acclaimed Fine Art

2022 - Art on 9th - "Interpretation" show

2022 - Art on 9th - "Christmas Interpretation" show

2023 - April  Acclaimed Fine Art

2023 - October Acclaimed Fine Art

2023 - Art on 9th - "Joy" show

Gallery Representation

Avens Gallery, Canmore, AB

Art on 9th, Invermere, BC

Upcoming Shows

2024 - April Acclaimed Fine Art

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