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The Journey of Darren Umbsaar Fine Art

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

I've been creating paintings since about Grade 12... somehow that's already almost 8 years ago! I want to share a little bit about my journey as an artist, and talk about how and why I got into painting in the first place. Enjoy!


My mom has always owned a collection of arts and craft supplies such and so Me and my brother and sister grew up with at least some affinity for drawing and coloring, even if it was just doodling characters from video games or making ridiculous caricatures of people from movies. Oh, and Pokemon! I loved to draw and make up new Pokemon... Anyways, throughout elementary school I found art to be a relaxing and intriguing subject. I remember doing small paintings for English projects in junior high and high school, too. I preferred making paintings as opposed to book reports or PRT's; plus I quickly realized that English teachers were easily impressed by my artwork, and it was often a surefire way to get a high grade! Double win!

I took art during high school up until grade 11, as I didn't have space for Art 30 during my final year. My art teacher, Mr. Budd (amazing guy, super encouraging!) at Queen Elizabeth High School taught me the fundamentals of painting, the colour wheel, values, etc. but art class soon followed me home. I would open up the huge plastic tub of my mom's craft paints and try painting little thin hardboard canvases (the ones you buy in bulk from Michaels). And eventually I worked my way up to my first ever 8x10" stretched canvas painting. I remember being a little nervous about painting on a "sacred" material like a proper canvas, but soon my fear gave way to enthusiasm as I carefully painted a lovely scene of Bow Lake.

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