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Original Artwork (2013-2022)

Plein Air

Painting outdoors, or "en plein air" is both an absolute joy and a sheer challenge. There is nothing quite like painting what you see--capturing a single moment of light, color, energy, and essence of a landscape. 

I'll admit I don't get out to paint en plein air as much as I know I should, but when I do make time for it, I always learn new things, and I generally walk away with something I'm happy to call a painting :P . This year I decided to try gouache paints for plein air, and so far I am hooked! 

Below, you can browse my collections of my plein air sketches for sale (more to come!). All pieces are unframed, straight from the field, and done on acid free, heavy weight 140lb (300g/m^2) mixed media paper. Enjoy!

Me painting en plein air.jpg

Plein Air Collections

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